domingo, 10 de janeiro de 2016

{0} a brief history of the blog...

 PAEAN PASSAGE  rose from the ashes of  Ritualistic Nature, which in turn was born on the Sixteen of September Two Thousand and Eight, from the shadows of another blog that i was a contributor "The Rosemary Locale" ( ), the blog is still alive but almost of the links are "dead" now. The reason why i decide to start R.N. has been because I've always had great interest in ritualistic sounds and also because I'm a Nature lover in all its forms. 

After a very long absence of post nothing on R.N., I decide to "activate" the same, but now with a new name and similar look. The reason why, is becouse Ritualistic Nature will be in future a small music label...

 Paean Passage will follow the steps left by R.N. , here i will uploading some of the old stuff posted there since 2008. The new posts will be tagged with a number and genre(s) that best identify what i share here.
 But i need some help, i have lost most of the music files, thus, from time to time, I'll ask if someone has the same I lost, to post again, with due thanks to those who provided them.

 Fell free to send me your musical proposals, and maybe I can review them here. But there is a rule, if i like it, a post only the entire record, not one track or two.

 Finally, thank you for all your nice words and support since i start the R.N. project, and enjoy the music that these talented artists have created for our delight.


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